REBL Creative X Retro Luxe Collaboration

UPDATE TO ORIGINAL BLOG POST: So excited to bring yall round two of the REBL Creative X Retro Luxe Resin Collaboration for football season!! If you missed the pre-order, there are limited available earrings available. (SHOP HERE). Also, make sure to check out Lauren's newest collection, IT IS GORGEOUS!



Original Blog Post 2/14/2020:

I have been low-key stalking Retro Luxe Resin on Instagram for a while now and even sent a (maybe slightly creepy) message about how much I would LOVE to do a collaboration. I just needed to figure out exactly where our styles would mesh perfectly. So, I was so excited to officially team up with Lauren to create these glittery purple, green and gold earrings that we call the Retroluxe Resin Mardi Gras Leaves! They’re super light-weight and festive… the perfect Mardi Gras earring!


I’ve asked Lauren, the creator behind Retro Luxe Resin, some questions to help us get to know more about her and her business! Also…her dress has TASSELS! So yall know this friendship was meant to be!

 Lauren at Retro Luxe Resin

How did you get started?

In 2008, I started a jewelry line that was all sourced pieces and I remember just wanting to customize things more and more. I researched how to make custom jewelry and stumbled across resin. I shut down my little business and decided to go that route, but life happened and I never got around to it.

Fast forward to 2017, I had just graduated with my BA in Advertising and I was totally sure I was going to get a job in that field.  After falling flat and having free time from being unemployed, I figured I had all the time and equipment I needed. I mapped out my branding and designs, purchased all my materials and went from there. It took 3 full product line creations to land on the Sundae Funday line. I got with my friends and shot the campaign, and launched in 2018. I've just been doing my best to continue to create and experiment since.

What's your most popular design? 

I would say it's a toss up between the Sprinkle Heart hoops and the Monstera Leaves.

Retro Luxe Resin Most Popular Shapes

What inspires your designs? 

I'm inspired color, texture, and nostalgia. I like to create piece inspired by past decades with a little bit of a modern flair. 

You can shop with Retro Luxe Resin here! Make sure to follow on Instagram (@retroluxeresin) and on Facebook here for updates on new releases and current products available!

And be on the lookout for more REBL Creative X Retro Luxe Resin collabs in the future!