5 New Home Organization Tips I Learned From South Coast Organizers

This summer my family moved into a new house — and the best decision of 2019 (and probably my life) was getting in touch with Sara West of South Coast Organizers.

I met Sara at Southern Flair's Happy Hour Club in March. I waited until after we moved into our new house to give her a call. Mistake numero uno — should have called Sara from the beginning!!

Just a little background: My new home office was being used as the move in "dump room." We moved ourselves with no hired help — but never again, not with babies!

Our problem was we’d bring boxes in the new house, dump them in my office and then unpack them as we found time. My organization skills aren’t terrible, but definitely basic. So I needed Sara’s help as a professional organizer.

Don’t judge my BEFORE photos yall! LOL

I spend a lot of time in my office, and Sara taught me great organization tips (below) but y’all... next time you want to treat yo’self with a new LV Neverfull, a weekend getaway, or some red bottoms... call Sara! You will WANT to stay and enjoy your home after she comes to your house (or office)! *I say those not very cheap items because you are going to want Sara to organize EV-ER-Y-THING.*

New Home Organization Tips:

1- Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Whether you tackle an entire room or only one shelf, you are being PRODUCTIVE! With my schedule, I made myself go through just one box (minimum) per night. It added up, so you do you, boo!

2- Start with the floor.

Start with the floor and then move up to surfaces. Sara and I started in the corner behind the door and worked our way around the room. Once the floor was clear, then dealt with the items on top of surfaces.

3- Put similar items together.

There were piles, lots of piles. But that made it so much easier to see what I had and visualize how much space I needed for art supplies...postcards...tape. AND see what I could get rid of! It was so nice to throw away or donate items that I didn’t need and don’t use.

4- Store frequently used items at eye-level.

This was so important for my closet. I have to use a stool to reach the top shelf, so infrequently used items ONLY go up top. The middle shelf is the most important for me at eye level. We kept (but rearranged) my printer, shipping mailers and several earring storage containers too. Under that shelf is open and prefect for larger items and more earring storage.

5. Personalize your space.

The cuter and more personalized the space, the more you’ll want to be in that space. Do the pictures help make this point?! Sara only used items that I already had on hand for organization and the walls, but she helped me create a foundation that I really needed. Most importantly, she gave me the tools to STAY organized when I want to change things up.

Finally, this more of a comment than a tip, but much like life, it is always a work in progress. You can do it friend! And if you can't, just call Sara. Check out her website here!