A Peek Into The REBL Monthly Subscription

In 2019, I launched the first REBL monthly subscription. Today, I want to give you a peek at what the subscribers have gotten in their mailboxes over the past four months!

Each month, subscribers receive a brand new never-before-seen pair of earrings, along with a 4x6 art print. These are fun to gift, frame or stick on your bulletin board or refrigerator.

The subscription costs $24.99, so it’s a great deal! And the best part is if the earrings don’t fit your personal style, you can always save them to use as gifts!


Since January is all about New Years resolutions, I created these fun statement earrings with winter white tassels and a Get It Girl print!



February means Mardi Gras, so I designed these exclusive purple, green and gold tassel hoops with a “Don’t Make Me Go All Voodoo On You” print!



For March, I teamed up with Chelsea from Faith Love Crafts for the watercolor print! Each subscriber got a different color of sassy hoops!



Probably my favorite yet! For April, I went with a rainbow + sunshine theme. I revamped the original tassel hoop style with ALL the rainbow tassels!



  • Subscribe by the 10th of each month at 11:59 PM CT to receive the first pair of earrings.

  • Each month ships by the 15th.

  • When you sign-up, you’ll be automatically billed ($24.99 + shipping) each month.

  • You can cancel at anytime by updating your customer account… but please don’t. I’ll miss you.

  • Need to update your address or billing information? You can do that in your customer account.