Meet Cypress Brush - Our September Subscription Artist!

In 2019, REBL launched its monthly subscription! Included is a pair of exclusive never-before-seen pair of earrings designed by Becca AND a 4x6 print. The print styles have varied depending on the season and the style of earrings. (You can take a look at past months here.)

Recently, REBL took it a step further and started partnering with more local artists to design an exclusive print to go with the subscription!

Cypress Brush Baton Rouge

So today, we want to introduce you to the artist behind our September subscription print — Elise of Cypress Brush! We’re letting her take over from here to tell her story and her journey to creating this new local creative business!


Hi Krewe! My name is Elise, the chick behind Cypress Brush. A little over a year ago I was not the person that I am today. I have had to reset, readjust, restart, and refocus more times that I would like to admit. Seriously though, I still have to. I have learned many lessons throughout this time. Some hurt, some raised me up and some I thought would kill me - but honestly, they have all been a huge part of shaping me into this badass chick that I am today and I am forever grateful for this journey. My journey.


The last "season" of my life has been a wild ride. In July of 2018 the beginning of some major life shifts began. I tried to figure it all out at once, I’m a Virgo, duh! But that was not possible. I decided to take a new job working from home, but I soon figured out that I would not be busy enough to tame this crazy non-stop brain. So, I took that extra time to write a cookbook - well one with a twist - but that still was not enough. So finally, I decided to go back to my tried and true, my paint brush.


I did not steal this so-called "talent." My Mom is a master. I can remember growing up with "custom" coloring books. Mom would draw, we would color. At the time I thought it was so cool, now looking back it was actually quite inspiring. So one night, in May 2019, I went back to that place.


My very first "blue crawfish" got a lot of hype via my personal Instagram and on the way back from a family beach trip in June, Cypress Brush gained life. (Shoutout to my Sister and her Boyfriend - I guess I can give them credit for the name.) I went back and forth with myself about really taking this leap of faith of not only putting my artwork out there, but putting myself out there as well. I think a huge part of having a successful business (the gene I get from my Dad, well Mom too) is putting everything on the line and being super open about what you do, why you do it and what drives you - along with sharing who YOU are with your audience. So I started @cypressbrush on Instagram 5 months ago and we are.


It took a lot to get here but boy am I glad I did it. My main work consists of crawfish & oysters - Cypress Brush style of course. My vendors throughout Louisiana carry my handmade products ranging from 4''x 4'' canvas originals to these super fancy, hand-painted resin trays. On my Instagram you can find super fun original work done all by me - each with a story attached. It is a funny thing because I can tell you exactly what prompted me to create each and every piece I post. It is an awesome feeling to share my love for one-of-a-kind pieces but the best part is receiving the love that I get each and every day!


Some days I sit back, look at my kitchen island, which is now my office, studio and culinary space and think to myself - wow Elise, I am so proud of you! So buy the earrings ;), take that trip, write that book, and chase that dream. If I can do it, so can you! So here is to never giving up, being your true authentic self and loving who you are through each and every single season of your life. Oh, and follow your dreams!!!